Dr. Remaur S. Herrera

Associate Veterinarian

I became a veterinarian not because I want to treat animals nor formulate a cure, but because I want to prevent the intervention of medicines and drugs to regain the quality of their health and wellness.”

Dr. Kim as what clients and friends call him is a graduate of Doctor in Veterinary Medicine of Southwestern University, Cebu City batch 2009. At twenty-four, this young and hopeful veterinarian managed to earn two academic degrees under his belt. After he graduated cum laude in BS Biology (Major in Zoology) at MSU-Iligan Institute of Technology, he decided to widen his knowledge and amplify his love for animals through Veterinary Medicine.

A certified cat lover, Dr. Kim began his interest on taking care of cats since the time he rescued a stray kitten screaming for help on a cold night. From then on, his adoration and love to our feline friends grew as he nurtured more and more cats he came across with. Aside from cats, Dr. Kim had been keeping different kinds of animals like sail fin, lizards, turtles, lovebirds and parakeets, mynah, rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs, aquarium fishes and of course dogs. With high hopes, Dr. Kim dreams of putting up a cattery and a rescue center for cats someday.

With all the luck, his perseverance and dedication to his craft, Dr. Kim landed 7th place on the recently concluded Licensure Examination for Veterinarians. He was the first SWU Alumni in Veterinary Medicine who made it to the top and put prestige and pride to his Alma Mater. Working with AVCI is his first clinical practice as a Licensed Veterinarian. Prior to it, he had been oriented to Small Animal Medicine through internships and as a volunteer.

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