Mark Jesson L. Marcojos

Veterinary Technician

God never gives us a burden heavier than we can carry. No matter what, He wants us to be more happy than sad. If birds can sing after a storm, why can’t we? No has travelled the bridge of success without ever crossing the streets of trial. God never promised us an easy journey in life, only safety on board. Smile and be happy! If God is with you, you can be sure how the journey is going to end.“

AVCI is proud to be represented by animal lovers from Osamis Philippines. Being the only thorn among the roses, Mark Jesson L. Marcojos is the only son among three children from proud parents Mr. & Mrs. Timoteo Marcojos.

To pursue his career, Mark or Marcos, as his friends call him, went to Cebu to take up a degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Southwestern University. Being sporty by nature, he is naturally drawn to all things extracurricular. This made him rise up in the ranks of the university’s Veterinary Medicine (VM) Sports Society gaining positions from Vice President and eventually to President. He graduated last 2007.

At home, he is surrounded by family members of the canine dachshund variety. Three female dogs (Munchkin, Nina and Bunchkin) and two male dogs (Chester and Rain) all vie for his attention and shower him with affection and love. His oldest pet is a hammerhead shark who now tip the scales at 14 years old.

Mark joined Aycardo Veterinary Center Inc.’s family a couple of years ago and has been a main factor in the growth of the company.

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