ProHeart SR-12



Heartworm is a deadly disease.

But have you ever forgotten to give a monthly heartworm dose? Don’t worry! ProHeart SR-12 is a once-a-year injection against heartworm.

ProHeart SR-12 uses sustained-release technology to protect your dog for a full 12 months. ProHeart SR-12 is proven safe & effective. The injection is quick, easy & costs no more than the branded tablets you are using now.

Forget monthly heartworm tablets with ProHeart SR-12.

ProHeart SR-12 can be bought at all branches of AVCI.

Content: moxidectin

Maker: Fort Dodge (now owned by Pfizer)


  • Dogs 1-5 kg body weight – P800 per shot
  • Dogs 5.1-10 kg body weight – P1,000 per shot
  • Dogs 10.1-20 kg body weight – P1.800 per shot
  • Dogs 20.1-30 kg body weight – P2,400 per shot
  • Dogs 30.1-40 kg body weight – P3,000 per shot


3 thoughts on “ProHeart SR-12”

    1. Though this is a great product, we are not distributing ProHeart anymore as the demand is not consistent enough to consume a whole vial of reconstituted mixture that lasts only for 30 days.

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