Vaccination & Deworming Schedule of Dogs

Our vaccination schedule is based on the guidelines set by the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) as published in 2006.

Puppy Series (for dogs started at <16 weeks of age)

  • 2 weeks             Deworming
  • 4 weeks             Deworming
  • 6 weeks             DHLPPi vaccination + Deworming
  • 9 weeks             DHLPPi vaccination + Deworming
  • 12 weeks           Rabies & DHLPPi vaccination + Deworming

Puppy Series (for dogs started at >15 weeks of age)

  • 16 weeks          Rabies & DHLPPi vaccination + Deworming
  • 19 weeks          DHLPPi vaccination + Deworming

Booster Shots

  • Deworming – every 3-6 months after the puppy series (depending on your pet’s environment)
  • DHLPPi vaccination – 1 year after the puppy series, then every 3 years thereafter
  • Leptospira vaccination – every 6 months after the first DHLPPi booster

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  1. Hello po Doc. Ask ko po kung pwede na bigyan ng Vaccine ang 6 weeks shitzu. Para mapa vaccine ko na sya for Parvo. Iyon po b yung DHLPp. Para madala ko sa vet. Natakot po kasi ako na magkasakit ang puppy ko.thanks po

  2. Hello po Doc. Ask ko po kung pwede na bigyan ng Vaccine ang 6 weeks shitzu. Para mapa vaccine ko na sya for Parvo. Iyon po b yung DHLPp

  3. Elow doc, i have a shitzhu, she 2 and half months old, what vaccine she needed to inject? She vaccinated leptoferm C-I and Vanguard plus 5 last june 15,2018

  4. What shots do i need to get my 8 week old puppy after he has already had the 5 in 1 and a deworm?

  5. Hello po doc ! Meron po kaming shih tzu tapos po yung balahibo nya manipis ( pero according po sa may ari at sa nakita ng papa ko na mga kapatid nya ganun rin po) na halos nakikita na po yung balat nya na mapula pula po. May parang dandruff rin po sya na maliliit. Sabi nung vet na nagvavaccine sa kanya baka may skin disease sya kaso po wala naman po silang histrory na ganun. 2 months palang po sya ngayong July tapos po hindi pa po sya nakakaligo kasi sabi nung vet nya mas maganda kung 3 months na sya paliguan para mas maayos na yung immune system niya. Tanong ko lang po if madadaan po kaya yung dandruff at yung manipis na buhok nya sa shampoo or conditioner? Pwede po ba kayong magrecommend sakin ng brands ng shampoo, conditioner, soap and cologne na rin po na pwede kong bilhin at gamitin sa kanya. Thank you very much po doc ! God bless you

  6. Hi Doc,

    I have a 6 weeks shih tzu nag inject siya ng 5 in 1 last saturday and the vet’s advise is not to take bath for 4 days. accidentally yesterday yung mother ko maliligo hindi niya napansin na sumunod sa kanya sa loob ng CR yung dog. Diretso yung dog sa bath at basang basa siya. Ano po pwede naming gawin kasi nilalagnat po siya ngayon?

  7. ask q lng po kc nginject ung vet q sa puppy q ng antirabbies bale pang 4 days na xang nd naliligo kc bawal dw po,kso po parang nbasa ata ung bandang pwet nya ng wiwi nya…ok lng po b un?

  8. Hi Doc,

    I have a 4-month-old pup and she hasn’t given any vaccines. Please advise if we can start giving her vaccinations even if she’s already 4 months.

    Thank you,

  9. Hi good pm doc my 4 months old akong puppy kabibigay lang po ngayon sa kanya ang anti rabbies ….tanong ko lang po ilang days po ba or month ang interval nga mabigyan ng parvo ang puppy…..kc nauna yong anti-rabbies kaysa parvo. Sana po may answer yong tanong Kasi natatakot po ako magka sakit yong puppy ko…salamat doc.

  10. Hello ask ko lang po kasi last august na vaccine-nan yung dog po namin ng pro heart and this time vaccine na naman po ng pro heart is that okay? May nakapagsabi po kasi sakin na hindi yun advisable unless severe yung case, wala naman po sakit yung dog ko. Kakatapos lang po ng L4 niya na vaccine. Salamat po.

  11. Good day Doc.. I really really need your advice.. My poodle will turn 4 months by January 22, 2018.. He already completed 5 in 1… And antirabies.. And three sessions of deforming.. in the pet store they suggest to do 8 in 1 by JANUARY 31ST.. But I think it’s too much vaccination for a puppy.. Is it necessary the “8 in 1”? Or we can just skip it.. And wait until he turns 1.year old for booster.. Thank you..

  12. Hi po.. ask ko lang po kung normal lang ba na maging matamlay yung puppy after ng shot nya ng 5in1? Kanina po kasi yung shot nya tapos medyo matamlay po sya ngayon . Tulog ng tulog.

    1. i would just like to ask as well, medyo correlated po tanong ko tulad ng kay Ms. Jasmin. I had my puppy vaccinated last week n i bought also a deworming tab for my 3-month old puppy.Per advise of our vet, pwede ko pong ibigay na rin yung deworming tablet, the very night after having her anti-rabies shot. She is not drinking water now for 3 days and not eating anything.Na woworry po ako sa kanya.Is there anything that I can do at home to relieve her of her suffering? Was it the dewroming tablet that made her this way?Please help.It would be a real God-sent!My deepest gratitude Doc.

  13. Hi doc! i have a 1 yr. old french bulldog, his stool contains a lot of round and flat worms( color white) i don’t know what meds must be given to him, Im very much concern of my dog’s health pls give me some advice of what to do with my dog, what kind of deworming products must be given to him and is it possible if i will be the one giving it to him

  14. Hi Doc. My dog’s shot of anti-rabies is due next week. Ask ko lang po san part ng katawan ng aso pwede magadminister ng vaccine? I remember po kasi sa binti sya inenjectionan nun for anti-rabies? Thanks po. God bless 🙂

    1. Hi Cheene. Rabies vaccines are given subcutaneously, or under the skin. We usually administer it at the nape or at the back of your dog because these are areas of loose skin of which it is easy for us to pull. But given at the calf of the leg, most probably, intramuscular? Please check with your vet if it is really a rabies shot being given or some other form of medications.

  15. Thankz for the reply doc…, As of now, my dog is fine,still playful,same routine as she always does..=)

  16. Hi doc… My dog was vaccinated with anti rabies last September 2012.., after that i never bring her in the Vet for another anti rabies vaccination.., 3 days ago around 4 pm my dog bites someone.. In the following day we went to the hospital i took the guy (17 yrs old) for an anti rabies and anti tetanus shot.., My dog give birth maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.. is she prone or a carrier of rabies??

    Please Help me i really need an information about this..,
    I don’t want To be In prison because of what happened …,

    Thank You in advance.,

    1. Hello Rhanz. It is a difficult situation you are in especially when you failed to give your pet a yearly rabies booster shot. With such situation, you are to shoulder the medical expenses incurred by the bite victim as stated in RA 9482. However, it doesn’t mean that if you fail to have your dog vaccinated with rabies that your dog will have rabies. A dog can only have rabies if this pet is not immunized and got bitten by another rabid dog. In your case, this could be the time that you can negotiate with the bite victim and the attending medical doctor to have your dog observed to reduce any medical cost during the observation period. Rabid dogs usually die within 12 days after first bite. But if your dog lives after 12 days, then your pet is supposedly free from rabies. The next question to answer is why did your dog bite? Maybe your pet could have been overprotective over her pups, and she saw that victim as a threat. In this case, this could be a provoked bite, not of that of a rabid bite which is always non-provoked. To know more about rabies, please read on our FAQs on rabies: [go to FAQs page].

  17. Hello Doc. My pup’s hair falling out this is happening since he was 4 months old, why is that? But no bald spot.
    His first birthday is on the 16th and as I checked his vaccine record he got his anti-rabies, vaccine and all last August. Can he have them now or should I wait months more? Thanks and God bless. 🙂

    1. My sincere apologies. I wasn’t able to log in for almost 2 months. To answer your inquiry, we are mostly concerned if your pet’s hair loss or hair shedding is causing alopecia (baldness). But if it is not, it is usually due to stress (hot seasons), breed, or nutrition. If you think that the shedding is too much, please have your pet checked by your nearest vet.

  18. hello doc . i have a 2mos. puppy . she was given her 1st 5in1 and deworm . her 2nd is on march 14. how bout the booster shot when will she be vaccinated? and also the heartworm

    1. My sincere apologies. I wasn’t able to log in for almost 2 months. To answer your inquiry, please be informed that pups need at least 3 DHLPPi (5-in-1) shots to be protected. Booster shot will be 1 year after the puppy shots. Heartworm prevention is usually given every month unless you’re using an annual protection such as from ProHeart. For more details regarding vaccination schedules, please take a look at our article:

      1. Hi doc. Ng lapse kc ung 5 in 1 ng puppy ko so ng 6 in 1 n sya. Naka 2 n sya 5 in 1 2 6 in 1 need pa po b addtional 2 n 6 in 1?
        Kakatapos nya lng po anti rabbies. Whats next po. Thanks.

    1. My sincere apologies. I wasn’t able to log in for almost 2 months. To answer your inquiry, common dewormers used in puppies are pyrantel, praziquantel and/or mebendazole. Some may even use ivermectin.

  19. Hi doc, thanks for your advice. I have one more question. I have here vitamins sample for children which contains Iron (ferrous sulfate-65mg and B-complex). I was wondering if can I give this to my dogs, since I don’t have children in my home. Is this safe doc? My dogs here are one 7 year old Dalmatian, 5 year old shit tzu and 3 year old mix. Please advice and thanks in advance.

    1. Hello Giovanni. Ferrous Sulfate is only recommended for iron-deficiency anemias. Daily intake of ferrous sulfate as part of vitamin supplementation may lead to chronic exposure to accumulated iron (ferrous). This can be toxic to your dog.

  20. Hi doc and when can i have my new pupoy is it true that i cant have one till 6months bec parvo virus stays long in the area i bleached the whole house though the puppy stays only in the cage and only for 2 days thanks

    1. Hi Monette. You exactly did the right thing – bleach the whole house. Parvovirus is very susceptible to sodium hypochlorite, which is the content of bleach. However, there is no guarantee that you have eradicated all parvoviral antigens in your premises. In order for you to keep your new pet safe from parvovirus, it is best that you buy from a reliable source with complete 5-in-1 vaccinations (the 3 shots). Make sure that your new pup is 14 days past the 3rd 5-in-1 shot. By this way, your puppy won’t get infected, even with the presence of parvovirus in your premises.

  21. I bought a puppy a week ago after a day she got sick and i brought her to the hospital she died afterwards of parvo now i inted of buying another pup which is 5 months old already my question is does deworming necessarily include injection if he is fibpve months old what are the chances hell get a parvo thanks

  22. Hi, doc. I am a new pet owner. I would like to ask if what is the symptoms of Distemper? Because my puppy is always vommiting with very sticky saliva. Never taken meals for almost 2 days. Please give me advices and suggestions as a first aid before I go to the nearest clinic. Your help is much more appreciated. Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Giovanni. Common viral diseases in pups are Canine Distemper & Canine Parvovirus infections. Watch out for the following clinical signs which may indicate possible infection of the said diseases: DISTEMPER – fever, nasal discharges, eye discharges, trembling, diarrhea, lost of appetite; PARVOVIRUS – diarrhea (black or red), vomiting, lost of appetite, weakness. Please be informed that there are still lots of clinical signs involved with these diseases, and it is best that you go to your vet to help you in the diagnosis and treatment of your pup.

  23. Thanks doc for the reply. I just wonder if you use the same brand of 5in1 for your 3-year program as that used yearly on my dogs which is Canigen.
    Thanks again.

  24. Hello there again Doc.
    Any suggestion to firm up and lessen the smell of my dog’s stool aside from other dog food. Probiotic like yakult or yogurt ok?How about squash?
    Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Hi Cheene. The secret to have dog poop with less odor is to have the following in your pet food – enzymes & probiotics. It is hard for pet owners to gain access to feed enzymes, but you can ask your dog food supplier if their pet food has. Probiotic is another good option. Probiotic is good bacteria, and they will take over bad bacteria which are most likely contributing to bad odor. But back to feed enzymes, you can try asking from local agrivet stores and try mixing them in your pet’s food. Good luck!

  25. hi, i would just like to ask i got my dog for about 3 weeks now, and i dont know how to proceed with his vaccination + deworming. the seller told me and gave me the vaccination certificate which was dated 9-29-13, and til now he has not received any again. is it already SOP of vet clinics to proceed and do the stuff needed to help those, like me, a first time pet owner. any suggestions, and answers would be of great help!

    1. Hi Edison. Please scrutinize your vaccination certificate. Did a licensed veterinarian perform the immunization? If not, I would strongly recommend that you start all over again for assurance sake. But if a licensed vet did, then look for a clinic that will continue the vaccination schedule. Don’t believe in suggestions that you have to start all over again if you forget to have the 2nd or 3rd puppy shot.

  26. Hi Doc. I took my dog in today for his 5in1 and the vet said he needs a booster in 2 weeks and then resume the annual schedule . I asked about the every 3-year shot and was told the clinic follows the yearly program. I don’t know if I want my dog to go back in 2 weeks since he only ever stays inside the house; all my dogs do. Can you advise me Doc? I really can’t decide. Thanks so much for your help.

    1. Hi Let. I can’t decide for you but I can you give some insights. The yearly DHLPPi booster shot is an old practice. The 3-year DHLPPi booster shot is a new practice. If it’s a new practice, then there must be some advantages in it that the old pracitce doesn’t have.

  27. It’s me again Doc. My other shih tzu is 2 1/2 years old and had his last 5 in 1 shot August 2012. According to his vet card he was due for a booster shot in August this year but I totally overlooked it. I am worried about the lapse but then I checked your recommended vaccination schedule and it says the next booster should be in 2015. What do I do? Should I just wait 3 years?
    BTW he was given the Canigen (Virbac) brand. Thank you so much Doc.

    1. Hi Let. The 3-year interval for DHLPPi is the current veterinary trend, and what AVCI is following. To decide if you will follow the annual or 3-year interval, please listen to your vet’s explanations and weigh the options with the recent veterinary articles regarding canine vaccination.

  28. hi doc, ny puppy is a dachshund, shes already 5months old,i gave her 1st 5in1 vaccine on 10.13.13,but the deworming is not yet given, pleasehelp me to schedule her vaccines and deworming. thanks and god bless.

        1. The article where you posted your comment is already a good guide for your dog’s vaccination schedule. If you want a professional evaluation of your dog’s medication history and what to do next, I would strongly recommend that you go to your nearest vet for such request.

  29. Hi Doc! My puppy which is 4 months old was given 2 shots of anti-rabies. Is that okay? I don’t know if I should trust her. 🙁 Please reply. 🙁 I don’t know what to do.

    1. Hi Arlene. Rabies vaccine is supposed to be given once a year, starting at 3 months of age. Please verify what kind of vaccine was given to your puppy. If rabies vaccine was given twice, ask for the reason behind such practice. By the way, who administered the rabies vaccine to your pet?

  30. Hello doc!! My 3 month old pup Kratos (name of the dog) was given 4 shots of 5 in 1 once every 2 wks by his vet, now he’s a yr old just received his 1st booster last month with the same label as the as the 1st 4 shots. Is this vet doing the right thing? he told me booster shots,anti rabbies and deworming should be given every 6 mos.
    Pls heeelp.. Should I trust her?? This is the only clinic in my place, the price is not consistent and no OR issued except the hand written on a peace of blank paper.

    1. Hi Waffle. I am in no authority to judge another practitioner. But be advised that according to Philippine law, rabies vaccination is given annually to adult dogs. According to international standards, DHLPPi (5-in-1) is now recommended at 3 years interval (only after the first booster shot) but many vaccine manufacturers still recommend DHLPPi at a yearly interval.

  31. Just this morning he had his last shot of 5-in-1 vaccine and injected Ivermectin 1% for heart worm and external parasites. Hope he gets well very soon. Sorry about asking so much hehe. Thanks and continue being such of help to us pet owners. More power.

    1. You’re welcome, Cheene.
      The “ivermectin injection” performed by your vet is for prophylaxis purposes. Heartworm treatment, on the other hand, depends upon the target – adult or baby heartworm. For adult heartworm therapy, it would probably cost you more than P3,000, depending solely upon the charges of your local vet. For baby heartworm therapy, it would be more or less P350 per month.
      These are all estimates but may serve as your guide.

  32. Hello there Doc. As you advised me, I brought Harley to a vet and then told me that he is going to inject something he did not mention what it is so I said probably next week.
    Now my question is how much will it cost me for heart worm treatment?Though Harley’s doing fine. Thanks again and more power.

  33. Hi again doc. My dog’s next rabies shot is scheduled January next year but there’s a free anti-rabies vaccination this weekend in our barangay. Is it okay to avail of it or is it still too early? Thanks a lot doc.

  34. Hi Doc. I have a 5 month old dog named Harley who always scratches and licks his foot. There is also small bald spot on his 2 feet. I am very worried about his condition,what should I do to help him?Thanks and God bless.:)

    1. Hi Cheene. One of the most common skin problems wherein dogs continuously scratch and lick a focal portion of their body is “atopic dermatitis.” To tell you the truth, it is not easy to treat atopic dermatitis. However, to come up with this diagnosis would require several laboratory tests to rule out other possible causes. To make a confirmation, please bring your pet dog to the nearest veterinarian for a proper checkup.

  35. Hi doc. I’m so glad I found this site. I have a 9 month old shih tzu who was vaccinated with CPV-DHLP + rabies (Merial) on Jan. 30, 2013. According to his vet, he needs a rabies booster shot 6 months after, which would be July 30. Is this accurate? Should we go ahead with this schedule or is it okay to just bring him in January next year? I hope you can clarify this for me doc.
    Thanks a lot.

  36. Thank you doc for the clarification somewhat getting confuse with the 6-in-1 vaccine. I know the importance of vaccination for dogs but then just want to get your opinion/answer if is it necessary to vaccinate your dogs with corona virus included in their 2nd shot (5-in-1) and to their 3rd shot (5-in-1)? Because my vet is insisting that it should be included and up to 4 shots with (5-in-1 + CV)… My dog started her vaccination when she was 6 weeks. Thank you so much…

    1. Vaccination protocols depend upon “prevalence” and “preference.”
      When we talk about PREVALENCE, the existence of a disease in an area is an indicator that a vaccine (against that disease) should be given to your pet. History is also a part of prevalence. Even if a certain disease has been absent for the past years but have caused havoc a decade ago, it is still advisable to give that vaccine. There is that risk that it might recur. By the way, are there any confirmed coronavirus infection in your area?
      When we talk about PREFERENCE, that would greatly depend upon the decision of your vet. Coronavirus vaccine is an optional vaccine. But it is never prohibited. Your vet may or may not choose to administer this extra antigen.
      Please talk to your vet about your hesitance.

    1. Hi clif. As well all know, and I believe that you also do, the 5-in-1 vaccine consists of Distemper, Hepatitis (Adenovirus), Leptospirosis, Parvovirus & Parainfluenza.
      As far as I know, the 6-in-1 vaccine is usally a 5-in-1 vaccine with an extra Coronavirus. However, there is another 6-in-1 vaccine which is a 5-in-1 vaccine combined with Rabies virus.

  37. i had bitten by a puppy. i take the first dose of vaccine. what if i did not make it for the last shot of vaccination, can i proceed again for the third, even if it’s almost 1 yr. ago ?

    1. Hi Aira. Just for clarification’s sake. Could you please provide a detailed vaccination history of your pet? And may I please know when exactly did you get bitten?

  38. hi doc.. I’m new to this and im a new dog owner and still learning how to take care of a pup. just to give a short history, i bought a toypoodle from a petstore and he was 3months old. I asked the keeper what shots do i need to give the pup and they said that all shots are complete and that the next schedule is when he is 6months for his anti-rabies. Just this morning, while winston (dogname) was at his usual playful behavior, he was jumping at the back of my legs licking and “sort of” biting me (He usually does that) but then when i walked, his tooth teared my skin which caused it to bleed just a bit of blood. The wound isnt deep, more like it teared a layer of my skin. He did not mean to bite me but im just worried if i am infected by rabies. I asked my friend to look at his vaccine chart and it was only now i found out that he doesnt have any anti-rabies shots. Should I worry? I trusted the petstore when they told me to bring winston to a vet when he is 6months old to get his anti-rabies shot. Pls pls pls tell me if I should worry if I am infected. Thank you so much for your time.

    1. Hi Tabitha. Forgive me for my delayed response. Just came from a weeklong convention.
      Kinldy read this portion of our website regarding rabies:
      For any biting incidents, we would recommend an observation period of 12-14 days from day of first bite. If nothing abnormal happens to the pup (e.g. the pup survives and is healthy), then you need not fear for rabies.
      But it’s a different view at the Department of Health (DOH). Please consult your local bite center.

  39. hi! i have a 3year old male toy poodle.. i have completed all his vaccines since he was a pup.. but i became very busy last year, and now we transfered to a new home.. his vaccine records is missing and i would like to know if he could get his anti rabbies and pro heart (for heartworm) this month? though i forgot if he got his anti rabbies last year.. thank you very much..

    1. Hi Sarah. Forgive me for my delayed response. Just came from a weeklong convention.
      Yes, your pet would need his yearly rabies shot. And since you had your pup’s vaccinations when he was still a pup, you would need a booster shot for DHLPPi (5-in-1). ProHeart is preferably given on the same month he got this med on a previous year. But if the lapse is more than 12 months, you can give ProHeart anytime. Just make sure you have your pet checked for heartworm before giving ProHeart.

  40. hi. i have a 3yo male toy poodle.. i have completed all his vaccinations since he was a pup.. but since last year, i became very busy.. we transfered in a new home last month, and now my dog’s vaccine records are missing.. what vaccine does he need now?? is it safe for him to get anti rabbies this month? i forgot if he got his anti rabbies last year.. thank you..

  41. hi. i have a 3 mos old shih tsu puppy who is currently suffering from mange. my vet had him started with mange treatment injection (iver something) and we had already complated 3 shots now….i just started him with dermex soap and benzoyl shampoo. however he is still itching and there are still a lot of scaling (dandruff). my vet is advsing me to ahve his hair shaved so taht i can use a solution to apply to his it necessary? how much does a shaving normally cost? thanks…

    1. Hi Audrey. May I please know what type of mange your pup have? Two common types are Demodectic Mange (by Demodex sp.) and Sarcoptic Mange (by Sarcoptes sp.). From this initial inquiry, I may be able to give you a proper advice.

  42. How if my dog have her first vaccine in february then she never have her another vaccine. What shud i do? Shud i gave her another shot or shud she repeat her vaccine? my puppy is already 4mon 2weeks now. Tnx.

    1. Hi Dan. No need to repeat the first shot. Your pet’s immune system has already got an initial exposure of the antigens. All you need to do is to continue the 2nd & 3rd DHLPPi (5-in-1_ shots). You also need to include the rabies shot, which should be administered at least 12 weeks of age.

  43. Dear Doc,
    Our family has 11 dogs to our care. Just last week, two dogs died. One of tehm is a 5month old puppy who died of distemper. All our dogs ranging from 11 months old to 6 years old have not been vaccinated except for anti rabies. I am planning to have them vaccinated for 5 in 1. What could be the schedule of the vaccination and its booster for my dogs? Should they be given 2 shots at 3 weeks interval each then followed by a shot after a year? Thanks a lot Doctor!

    1. Hi Lorelei. I hope I can help you at once. But for a household with recent deaths due to distemper, vaccination is not recommended. It is very possible that the distemper virus is still circulating in your premises, and your pets are able to hold off the disease for the meantime because of a good immunity. But without previous vaccination exposure, the distemper virus migh prevail soon. For now, I would recommend that we perform immunotherapy shots on your surviving pets. If your pets show no distemper clinical signs after 2 weeks, then we may proceed in giving the 5-in-1 shots. Please call us at either (032) 418-2021 or 491-5538 to know more about our distemper immunotherapy shots.

  44. Hello Doc, Is it really a must that a Puppy may only take it’s bath a week after it’s anti-Rabies Vaccination?

    1. Hi Fatima. Since stress can diminish the efficacy of your pet’s vaccination, some would advise you not to bathe your dog for a week. But if your pup loves to play with water, I don’t think bathing would be considered such a stressful activity. I also don’t beieve that bathing would induce that much stress to inhibit a successful vaccination. But if you think bathing can, maybe a day or two of “no bathing” would suffice after a vaccine shot. Happy puppy bathing!

  45. hello doc, what to do , My Siberian Husky is turning 3 months this 3rd week of April , I am not particular of what were the vaccines taken and have not yet been taken yet. what measures to follow, should I go back to zero ? My brother who sold the Dog to me is quite busy and every time I ask he is on rush doing this and that , I just told him to provide me the papers then I will take care of the rest.

    1. May I also add that Deworming could have been neglected as well by my brother , and I felt the heart to take care of this Dog. please help

    2. Hi Fatima. If we are not sure of your pet’s vaccination history, it is best that we should start at the beginning. But if your brother is able to provide your dog’s history, then we can just follow through with the vaccination series, plus deworming.

  46. Hi,
    What happens if vaccination schedule was not followed like there was a 6 weeks gap from the 1st shot and 2nd shot?

    1. Hi Jocelyn. A vaccination schedule was formulated to give your pup the optimum protection against diseases in the shortest time possible. If you unintentionally delayed the succeeding shots, it doesn’t mean you have to go back to the first shot. The succeeding shots would have to proceed, but you have delayed reaching optimum protection, thereby placing your puppy at risk to getting ill if exposed to contagious sick dogs.

  47. Hi,

    I would like to know where is the cheap vaccination anti-rabies for my 4-month old puppy (yorkie tzu).

    Your quick response would truly be appreciated. 🙂



    1. Hi Benjoe. You just made the inquiry right on time. We are having our Summer Promo starting tomorrow. All vaccines are offered at discounted prices. You can read of the promo at our website’s main page.

  48. hi. i got a year old pomeranian. he had his first 5 in 1 vaccine and deworming yesterday. when should be his second 5 in 1 vaccine and deworming administered?

    1. Hi Rommel. If your pomeranian still has his first DHLPPi (5-in-1) vaccination 2 days ago, may we recommend your pet to have his 2nd but last DHLPPi 3 weeks after that first shot. There is no need for a 3rd shot because your pet’s immunity is already much responsive at this age. For the booster shot, it would be 1 year after the 2nd shot.

  49. Hi, my 7yr old dog ate a small piece of raisin yesterday, after an hour or 2 he vomitted and did not eat for his dinner and usually stretches his 4 legs often yesterday. But today he already eaten his meal and did not show any unusual behavior. I would just like to ask if I should be worried to him since I’ve read raisins are toxic food for dogs. My dog is a mix breed of poodle and shitzu. Your info will be a big help.thanks

    1. Hi Zee. Raisins are indeed toxic to dogs, and even cats. There is usually vomiting a few hours after ingestion, and owners should be on the look out for other clinical signs. As you have mentioned, your pet’s stretching of legs might be quite alarming. It can be a sign of seizure that is most probably due to high blood sodium levels (hypernatremia) brought about by kidney failure. I would strongly recommend to have your pet checked right away.

  50. Hi, thank you for the info above. My dog cookie survived distemper, she was the only dog left out of the 4 dogs + 7 pups that we had. She was only given to us by our neighbor and they said that they had her vaccinated before they gave her to us. She is about a year-old now and I am planning on giving her a 5 in 1 vaccine. Do you think it is safe for her? And if so, what should be the schedule of administration of the 5 in 1 vaccine?

    I hope you could respond to this. Thank you!

    1. Hi there, Cooks. How long has your dog survived distemper? I usually recommend vaccinating 30 days after recovery, but take note that this will not protect your pet from distemper. Your dog’s natural exposure to the disease with consequent recovery means natural immunity has been obtained by your pet against distemper. However, we still recommend vaccinating with DHLPPi (5-in-1) as protection from other diseases (e.g. leptospirosos, hepatitis, etc.) included in the vaccine combo.

  51. Hi Doc, my pup i think is almost 2months old. Is she ready for the 5-in-1 vaccine? how much is the 5-in-1 vaccine? she havent undergone any deworming yet.
    are you also open on saturdays?

    1. Hi Zandy. A 2-month old puppy is all ready for his/her vaccination. As stated on this page above, minimum recommended age for 5-in-1 vaccination is 6 weeks old. For an estimate of costing, please call any of our clinic at (032) 418-2021 or (032) 491-5538.

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  53. why is it that an antirabies vaccine should be injected in the puppy at 3 months old? why not in 2 months old? is 2 month old puppy free of rabies becouse my puppy likes biting and i’m afraid that she can cause rabies us.

    1. Hi there. You have a very good question. But I guess the answer to most of your questions are found in our FAQs page.
      The protocol of vaccinating puppies at least 3 months of age depends upon the law of the state. Philippine law requires all dogs & cats, at least 12 weeks of age, to be immunized with rabies.
      Rabies is not an inherent (natural part) disease but a contagious one. Your pup is not born with this disease but has to be exposed (e.g. bitten) yet to an infected animal.
      The rabies vaccine is meant to protect your pup from future exposures. This vaccine does not treat rabies. Rabies in animals is not treatable. We usually give it at 3 months of age because this is the period where we assume that maternal antibodies may not interfere with antibody production against rabies. I used the word ‘assume’ because there are contradicting studies stating non-interference from maternal antibodies.
      I hope I have given you a clear answer. Please let me know if there are some more things I need to explain.

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