Dog Registration at AVCI

AVCI is now affiliated with the Cebu City Department of Veterinary Medicine & Fisheries (DVMF) in its drive to register rabies-vaccinated dogs every year in accordance with the Anti-Rabies Act of 2007 (RA 9482), and with the Cebu City Ordinance 1802. For only an additional fee of P50, dogs vaccinated with rabies at AVCI are given brand new dog tags with permanent registration numbers. This will be recorded by DVMF, and will be available anytime next year at this government agency’s website. Employing this type of system will likely avoid any repetition of pet registration numbers. Owners residing in Cebu City who have not registered their dogs will be fined P2,500 by the DVMF for non-compliance of such ordinance, with subsequent impounding of pets.

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    1. Sorry for the delayed response. We are still contacting the Cebu City DVMF if vet clinics are still capable of registering pets. Allow us to update you then. Thank you for the inquiry.

  1. Hi, i have a 3 month old aspin. i want to avail your promo for the city registration of 75PHP and rabies shot of 100php. but she was not dewormed yet so aside from rabies shot and registration, do you offer deworming services and how much would it be? aside from those shots mentioned?does she need anything else? as i need to give her the best care possible 🙂

    1. HI Carmina. The youngest age we can allow to vaccinate a dog is 6 weeks old for DHLPPi vaccines, and 12 weeks old for Rabies vaccines. For both domestic & international travels, pets are required to be vaccinated with rabies. In your case, the best we can do is to certify the age of your pet, and notify port officials that your pet cannot be vaccinated with rabies yet. Port personnel will allow such travel if info provided is given by a certified clinic.

        1. There won’t be anymore vaccination promo by March 2012. Our regular rate for rabies vaccination would be P195 per shot. Kindly call us at (032) 238-3972 or 418-2021 if you would have other pricing inquiries. 🙂

  2. Hi Doc,

    Would it still be additional P50 to register my puppy after its being vaccinated with rabies with dog tags with permanent registration numbers? Can I still avail that promo of P100 per rabies shot? I have a 4 month old jack russell terrier. Thank you.

    1. Our Cebu City annual dog registration is now P75, exclusive of rabies shot charges. Good thing AVCI is on a promo until the last day of February 2012. Promo rabies vaccines are offered at P100 per shot. Over-all, you may spend a total of only P175 for both rabies shot & city registration.

      1. Great!.. but with dog tag with its registration number? Do appeciate your time, doc and we’ll visit your clinic one of these days.

        1. Yes, the registration is accompanied with a new dog tag & a registration number. I just hope the city vet office would live up to its claim of having these numbers available online soon.

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