Biocan R



Biocan R is an inactivated vaccine for dogs & cats against rabies.


Recommended age for rabies vaccination is 3 months. If a pet is vaccinated before reaching 3 months of age, the pet must be re-vaccinated after reaching 12 weeks of age with a minimum interval of 14 days from the initial rabies vaccination.

Maker: Bioveta Inc., Europe

Price: Php 295 per shot

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  1. I just want to ask some advice because the dog bite me but is is fully vaccinated with anti rabbies.but I went also to hospital for vaccination for anti rabies.

  2. Hi, my dog bit a friend last dec. 5, 2017.. He was vaccinated for anti rabies last dec. 1, 2016 and it was hist first anti rabies vaccination since he is just 1 year old and 4 months. Should I worry that my dog may be rabid ? Thank you..

  3. Hi sir. Just want to know what should i do about my dog(siberian husky). A friend of mine gave me this puppy a weeks ago since he is going back to US. i dont know how old is he now coz i forgot to ask my friend his birthday. I tried to email/msg him on facebook and didnt even reply on my msgs. I brought my puppy to vet and asked for administration of anti rabies vaccine. I was asked by the vet how old he is now. I didnt know what to say, so i just said that he is already more than 3 months ( i am not sure about this). Ive read about the vaccine that he introduced to my puppy that this should be given more than 12 weeks old. If below 12 weeks old and you already gave your puppy this vaccine, it should be given another shot of vaccine once reach the 12 weeks old. My question is, what if my puppy is not yet more than 12 weeks old, is it okay to give him another shot of anti rabies vaccine? What if he is more than 12 weeks old and give him another shot of vaccine does this affects my puppy? Thank you.

    1. A puppy’s age can be estimated by looking at his/her teeth. Maybe you can request your nearest vet for an estimate based on dentition.
      Rabies vaccines given before 12 weeks of age are not effective enough to stimulate antibody production to protect your pet from rabies. This is the reason why it should be re-administered if accidentally given before 12 weeks of age.
      You need not worry much if rabies is re-administered to your pup. It is a “killed vaccine” and it has lesser hypersensitivity reactions compared to “live attenuated” vaccines such as the DHLPPi (5-in-1).

  4. i had a 60 days pug, and my dr. gave him biocan r (for rabbies) , at 2 months age 2 tymes, today he gaved him 2nd rabies vaccines so should i worry about this, b’coz i came to notice that these vaccines should be given at the the age of 3 months, so what , i have to do now, should give him again after the age of 3 months or its ohk, plz help me out, i am very worried , and very confuse, i don’t think he gaved him proper vaccine of all medices, but first clear me about these rabies vaccines. or if possible , tell me how many vaccine and which , should be given to him , at what minimum interval of all vaccines, and what happen if he got vaccine earlier,
    please help urgent , please sir

    1. Hi Kunal. I am providing you a link on the vaccination protocol AVCI is following. But please discuss your concern with your vet. I believe all vets should know that the minimum age for rabies vaccination is at 12 weeks or 84 days of age. But citing your comment that rabies was given two times before 2 months of age, plus a “second?!” rabies shot at 60 days of age, is leading me to believe that maybe the vaccination card provided to you is somewhat confusing. At your convenience, kindly email a scanned copy of your vaccination card at for us to analyze it better. The following is the link of our vaccination protocol:

  5. my cat was vaccinated with this when he was 4mos old. he is now 6mos old, and he accidentally scratched me recently. should i be worried about that, still, i might get rabies from the scratch?(he’s an indoor cat) im kind of paranoid about this so please reply 🙁 thanks!

    1. Hi Emma. If your cat got vaccinated with rabies 2 months ago, that should have lessened your worries by now. Rabies vaccines start to functionally protect your pets 3 weeks after the shot. By the way, nails don’t have rabies in them, unless a rabid cat licks it first before scratching. On my part as a vet, I would suggest an observation of 14 days from day of scratch. If your pet cat survives, then all is well. But if he dies within 14 days, cut off your pet’s head, place in an ice box, then submit to the local Department of Agriculture (DA) for rabies testing. If you go right now to our local bite centers (e.g. Sacred Heart Hospital), the medical doctors will advise you per DOH protocol.

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