Open Today Until Saturday. Reopens January 2, 2013.

AVCI will open from December 26 (Wednesday) to 29 (Saturday). We will close from December 30 (Sunday) to January 1 (Tuesday) to give way to holiday festivities. On the first week of the new year (2013), AVCI will reopen on the Wednesday of January 2.

For inquiries during holidays, please send us a message at Facebook, Google+ or Twitter; or you may email us your concerns at

A blessed happy new year to everyone!

2 thoughts on “Open Today Until Saturday. Reopens January 2, 2013.”

  1. Doc gerald, unsa gami to pang hinlo sa ears sa akong dog? Ilya told me to clean it with cane vinegar, agua oxinada and i forgot the third. Plz pm me kay nag txt ko sa inyo clinic wla naman ni reply.

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