Pet-Tabs_02Absent from our shelves for almost 2 years plus, Pet-Tabs® of Pfizer is now back as Pet-Tabs® of Zoetis. Zoetis? Yes, by and of Zoetis.

Who’s Zoetis?

Not yet a by-word among pet lovers, Zoetis is another company of Pfizer. After years of teeter-totter financial planning, Pfizer finally decided last year to spin off its profiting Animal Division to a different but new brand. For an unknown reason, Pfizer’s higher authorities chose the name — Zoetis.

With Pet-Tabs® back in our arms, AVCI is happy to re-introduce this powerful supplement. Available in 180 tablets per bottle, it is generally a power-packed treat for all dogs of different age cycles.

Pet-Tabs® contain 18 essential vitamins and minerals to balance and complete a dog’s nutrition. It is made with a special taste to appeal. Administer by hand just prior to feeding, or crumble and mix with food.

Directions for use:

Puppies & dogs under 10 lb – 1/2 tablet daily.
Dogs over 10 lb – 1 tablet daily.

Guaranteed Analysis Per Tablet: download here

For pricing & product inquiries:

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