Pup Exceeds Rabies Titer Level

RabiesTiterTestRecent titer testing by RITM on one of our canine patients after rabies vaccination showed VERY HIGH protective antibody level at >4 IU/mL.

The minimum protective titer level recommended by WHO and OIE is only 0.5 IU/mL.

This is positive proof that AVCI’s brand of rabies vaccine (Biocan R) is of high quality material, and delivers the needed protection of our pets from rabies.

RITM uses the Platelia™ Rabies II kit. It is an ELISA for detection and titration of IgG anti-rabies virus glycoprotein in serum and plasma. It has controls that are accurately calibrated against WHO standards.

RITM – Research Institute of Tropical Medicine
WHO – World Health Organization
OIE – Office International des Epizooties
ELISA – Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay

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