Traveling with Pets – Rabies Vaccination

BAInoticeRecent advisory from the Bureau of Animal Industry (BAI) now allows travelers (among the islands of the Philippines) to bring with them pups, vaccinated with rabies or not, as long as there is proof that the mother has been immunized with rabies for 2 consecutive years. This order applies to pups less than 3 months of age, and of pups recently vaccinated with rabies but not reaching 21 days post-immunization.

3 thoughts on “Traveling with Pets – Rabies Vaccination”

  1. Good afternoon doc, ask lang ko kung naa moy clinic sa asturias or balamban. Nagsige naman ug suka akong duha ka iro doc si kobe ug bugoy. Si bugoy dili mokaon ug dogfood. Pa.vaccine unta sila para ubo ug sipon doc gihilantan si bugoy last thursday naulian sya gipa.inom nkog bioflu paracetamol doc wala man koy lain nahuna hunaan nga tambal kay init man kaayo ug nikurog man sya. Naa mi sa asturias doc wala mi sakyanan lagi doc ipa.check up unta nko sila si kobe ug bugoy. Please reply salamat.

    1. Hello, marsjumag. Our nearest clinic to you is our Talisay City clinic. Please do not give paracetamol. It is a risky medicine to dogs, and fatal to cats. Paracetamol at the wrong dose (it requires very little) will causing poisoning and severe anemia to your pets, leading to death. Please go to your nearest vet, or to the municipality vet if there is no vet clinic available.

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