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VetAID microchips are developed by a veterinarian. It is safe and permanent. This technology is perfect for prevention of identity switching as well as for theft or lost pet disputes. And because it is injectable, it takes only seconds to administer.

Each microchip contains a very unique 15 digit identification number. Being ISO certified, our microchips are recognized worldwide. We assure you that our microchips can be read by ISO certified scanners, making it hassle-free when traveling with your pet.

A special RFID scanner is used to read the microchip through the skin of the animal. The animal feels nothing as the chip’s number quickly appears in the scanner’s vieweing screen. Once scanned, a database may be made to provide vital information such as vaccines, owner information, pet information, etc.

Maker: VetAID

Price: Php 750 per microchip. Registration is FREE.

4 thoughts on “Pet Microchip”

  1. Hi I would like to ask as to where in Cebu City Philippines can I have my pets injected with this microchip because I am really concerned about them, I’ve given them 3 collars with tags already but all of the 3 are missing so I would love to have my pets injected with this microchip. Thanks

  2. Hi Dr. Gerald,

    Thanks for the immediate response. In due time, I will have my dog get this specially since we are travelling a lot and we will be bringing our dog with us. For now, i will let my dog go through all the routinary vaccines then when all of it are taken, I’ll get this pet microchip. I’ll also inform my friends about this. Thanks again and more power.

  3. Hi,
    This microchip injectable got me interested. I am a pug owner and it would be nice to avail. I just have a few questions though. How soon can my pug get this microchip? Do you know of any side effects or downside once this is administered on my dog? How long will each microchip last, like is this a yearly thing that i will have to let my pup go though? I would really appreciate any reply that you can give.

    from Minglanilla

    1. Hi Mae. Microchipping can start at 5 weeks of age. But here at AVCI, we prefer pets at least 12 weeks of age for reason of body size. It is very safe. So far, I haven’t heard of any complains regarding the microchip’s bio-compatibility & safety with pets. But the only problem is during the injection. It can be a bit irritating as the syringe is bigger than what you expect. But it’s only temporary. The microchip is like the size of a rice grain. Once delivered, pets can continue with what they love to do. And it is expected to work for 25 years. It would be very rare to have pets living this long.

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