FAQ: When do I start weaning puppies?

FAQ: When do I start weaning puppies?

A: Generally, it is safe to wean puppies after they reach 3 weeks of age. By this time, they are starting to bear their own weight, and becoming mobile. But weaning doesn’t mean an instant shift of milk to dry food. To avoid dietary complications, introduce first your pups to a porridge of dog food.

To prepare this porridge, mix dry dog food with a large quantity of replacer milk. Slowly reduce the milk per day ’til porridge reaches dry consistency.

It is advisable to allow fifteen minutes only per feeding time. Pups who overeat are very prone to diarrhea.

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    1. A cow’s milk is not the best substitute, unless reformulated. The energy of a dog’s milk is about 8x higher that that of a cow’s.
      Commerical milk replacer for dogs are actually available in local clinics. You can even get it at any pet shop.
      On how to reformulate a cow’s milk making it suitable for pups, please do consult your nearest veterinarian.

    1. Hi there. 8 weeks is a common practice but may be too late to start weaning pups. When we talk of weaning, it does not mean an automatic separation of pups from the mother, but a slow process of introducing your puppies to solid food until they become totally independent from their mother’s milk.

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