FAQ: Should I feed chicken to my pet?

FAQ: Should I feed chicken to my pet?

A: Yes, it is very safe to feed chicken to your pet. Though it is common to hear pet owners and pet food vendors say that pets are allergic to chickens, there is actually no basis to this claim. Chicken meat and chicken-based pet food are very safe to give to your furry friend.

Chicken allergy is very common in humans but not in pets. Chicken allergy even ranks lowest among the different pet food available. Among dogs, the most common foods causing skin allergy (persistent & nonseasonal itching) are beef, lamb, soy and cow’s milk. Among cats, common allergens are fish and dairy products.

Always cast an eye of doubt if your pet is quickly diagnosed with food allergy.  There is no single test to determine food allergy, and it takes time to confirm one. To confirm this dietary problem, an elimination trial of about 10 weeks will be performed using chicken to rule out the allergen.

It is somewhat ironic to see plenty of pet shops selling beef as your pet’s source of protein. Unless your preferred brand uses hydrolyzed protein, chicken remains as the best option to keep your pet from allergic reactions.

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