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  1. Greetings

    3 days ago we had our puppy dewormed in your clinic and after the deworming his been having mild diarhhea and vommiting many times until now even thu we went back the next day and he was given IV injections,antibotics and omeprazole, still wont eat just dringking water but less diarrhea now…How many days will my puppy be in this condition? when will he stop vommiting?

  2. Hi doc!!

    My 2 months shih tzu ako den nagbakuna sya ng 6 in 1 my anti rabies na daw ung bakuna na un after dat nung nakauwi na kmi hndi na sya active tapos sumuka pa po sya normal po ba un??

    1. Hello missy. If your pet continues to be lethargic (or tired/weak) and there is frequent vomiting, please call the vet you had your pet immunized, and he/she will determine if a checkup is necessary. Multivalent shots (mixed vaccines) may cause allergic reactions, but this is not common. Always monitor your pet for any untoward signs after every vaccination.

      1. Hi doc, my 6 y.o. female dog has blood in her urine for 3days already. Ngano na cya? And what shall we we do?

        1. Hi Marianne. There are 3 possible ways (the most common among others) that your pet could be having blood in her urine:
          1. Estrus – your pet is in heat and is ready for mating. The vulva is swollen and dripping with blood.
          2. Urolithiasis – stones in the bladder or urethra.
          3. UTI – ascending bacterial infection.

          Cause #1 needs nobody to be alarmed. But for cause #2 and #3, have your pet checked by your nearest vet. Such cause needs medical attention and must not be treated without proper diagnosis.

    1. The most common cause I have seen so far on why shih tzus have cloudy eyes is due to irritation. Is your pet’s hair too long that they tend to touch the eyes? If it is, plesae trim it. But if not, please have your pet checked by your nearest vet.

  3. Hi Doc.. I need an advise on how to take care of a puppy.. I have no idea since it is my first time ever. I actually am scared of animals even to fishes as cute as Nemo, how much more to a puppy. But I don’t hate them really, they’re adorable, it’s just that I grew up in a “no pets allowed” home and have some phobic experiences with animals when I was younger, been chased by a dog, a peacock, ducks even scratched by a cat and it all happened with crowd presence, so involves humiliation.. And now Doc, on our way home from attending a Sunday mass, we happen to come across a man holding a puppy, he stopped us and said “ma’am, sir I’m already going home and I only have this puppy left amongst dozen that I’ve already sold and I’m just giving this last pup for free, would you like to take this? I ignored what the man said and took a step holding my son’s hand but was put on halt, looked back and saw my husband, 5yrs old son and 3yrs old daughter petting the pup, hearing “wow””yeey” with matching laughs and giggles and with those big doe eyes with battling eyelashes, I wasn’t able to say NO.. At home, my husband feed him bits of burger steak and rice and mineral water, Thomas (my kids named him) ate it all, he piss & poop after that. We put him in a crate basket w/ blanket, he seemed comfortable in it, my kids begged that Thomas just stay in our room, again I wasn’t able to say No. And so here I am googling on how to take care of a pup & stumbled on this page coz I can’t sleep bcoz of Thomas crying and a bit paranoid bcoz he might nibble on my toes! Bydwy, the man sez the pup is already 2mos old, he already have lots of teeth and no vaccines yet. A li’l advise plz will be very much appreciated. Also we don’t know his breed, don’t think he’s special like foreign breeds (I do no. wat am talkn really(-:) Help.

    1. I hope you have read the link I gave you. It is up to you to find your own brand of vitamin supplement, but my previous reply is already a guide on what you should purchase.

      1. I have read it Doc. I just thought there might be a multi-vitamin that would better for her. Thanks so much Doc. You’ve been a big help as always.

    1. Hi Let. We do not sell Reprovit-B, nor are we endorsing this product. But when giving vitamin-mineral supplements, please use products intended for dogs, not a one-for-all-species item. Each species has different vitamin needs, and no combination will suffice for all. And when giving calcium supplements, be careful. It is even better not to give calcium supplements to a pregnant dog, but instead just high-energy dog food. Here is AVCI’s link for the explanation: http://aycardovetcenter.com/avciwp/2011/05/24/faq-my-dog-is-pregnant-should-i-give-her-milk/

  4. I would like to know if its very dangerous for the dog to have so many worms,wasnt able to have his dewormer on the schedule you gave him…

    Are you not open on Sundays?

    Hope i could have a reply from you…

    1. Yes, it is very dangerous for pets to have worms, especially when you see them in large amounts in the feces, or with the vomit. This would mean that your pet’s gastrointestinal parasitism is approaching severe or worst. Have your pet treated by a vet, and please follow deworming schedule.

      We are not open on Sundays.

    1. Hi Kris. We don’t do grooming. We only do home visits for vaccination purposes. Checkups are strongly recommended at the clinic because of possible laboratory tests.

  5. Hi Dok,

    Good afternoon!

    We have just adopted a new puppy.. At start, she was a very active puppy. Just recently, she started sleeping a lot and seems to be eating less.. But, she continues to drink water though… I don’t know if her sleeping too much and eating less is normal..

    Please advise.

    Thank you so much!


    1. Hi Dexter. A puppy is supposed to be hyperactive. With your description, please have your adopted puppy checked at your nearest vet. The usual cause is parasitism, but an actual checkup is better than my assumption. 🙂

  6. Good evening. We’re having our investigatory project and it’s about Radish as to increase the amount of urine. We would like to test it within animals such as cats? Can we ask for some advises? How much is the Catheter inclusive of its insertion? We’re hoping for your immediate reply. Thank you po

  7. hi my puppy is walking funny,, ma tomba lang siya og kalit murag out of balance nikalit ra ni .. unsa kaha ni?

    1. Hi Claire. Sorry for my delayed response. Got very preoccupied for the past weeks.
      How is your pup right now? Are there any shivering or shaking after your pet falls down?

  8. HI Dr.

    Maybe our Parrot hit by some virus that so strong, it is now dead…

    Now one of our dog is now weak… T.T


    1. Hi Lorefhil. I apologize for my delayed response. Just got very preoccupied for the past weeks.
      I am very sad for the death of your parrot. As I remember it right, your pet was presented here at the clinic with periorbital edema & conjunctivitis. Appropriate antibiotics were prescribed. But if viral origin was involved, the medicine will do no good but just act as treatment for secondary bacterial infection.
      Growth on the tongue? It could be a tumor of viral origin; a fungal problem; or a vitamin-deficiency-related problem. These are all guesses and would need an actual examination.
      All is late right now. But diseases from birds to dogs are uncommon.

  9. My Racket tail parrot have watery eyes. but she’s eat a lot and drink water. i think she got colds after my maid took her a bath.. pls help

      1. Hi Dr Gerald,

        We have visited last Sunday on your clinic. We were given a antibiotic on the possible infectious coryza, however, my mom is worried on the way the bird act, it will not stay on its wood, it stays underneath the cage, it is now breathing thru his mouth and there is something grew in its tounge.

        My mom will call your clinic today.


  10. Hey Doc,

    Thanks for the reply.
    How much would an ear checkup cost? 🙂
    What’s the general procedure for it?

    1. For price inquiries, may I please encourage you to call the clinic at either the MAIN (418-2021; 238-3972) or TALISAY (491-5538; 236-4094) branch. For extreme cases wherein your pet is in severe pain and ear sample collection seems impossible, a partial anesthesia would be recommended.

    1. Yes. We do fecal and blood tests on bearded dragons. Is there something wrong with your pet, or do you wish for a general checkup? Either way, you may please call us for price inquiries and clinic schedules.

  11. Hey Doc,

    Do you guys clean pet’s ears?
    My 11 month shih poo keeps scratching her ears and I’m afraid to clean her ears myself.
    Thanks. 🙂

    1. Hi Belle. Yes, we do clean dog’s ears. But for a pet who continuously scratches her ears, we recommend for an ear checkup. Ear cleaning itself is not a treatment, but an aid for a healthy ear.

  12. Hi, Doc
    Pwde po na sa january na lang kami ma start nang ojt naming 2 at dli karong dec. 17 kasi merong emergency yung kasama ko po…ok lang po na s january na lang kami mastart at sori po. Pwde doc?manawag me s merkules s clinic nio doc kng ok lang? thanks…Maira

  13. Hi, doc
    Ma ask lang ko about sa letter gnsend nako dat tym for ojt dha s clinic nio doc at kami po ay taga Capiz Sate University n skul. hangtod kron gawait me s respond nio po doc. Pwde po kami mg ojt ngayong dec. 17-28,2012?.God bless!…thanks doc!..maira

    1. Hi, Maira. Unfortunately, I haven’t received or read any letter from Capiz State University. Maybe it got misplaced, or something. But we are willing to accept OJTs. How many of you intend to do their internship here at AVCI? Preferably, we could continue this conversation at AVCI’s facebook page. Thanks.

  14. Hi Doc,

    We are shipping a labrador puppy to Cebu. Can you share the requirements on how to ship a puppy via plane? Pup will be turning 2 months this Dec 9. Thanks!

    1. Hi Chewy. Sorry again for the late response. As long as your pup is in good health and you have the proper health card from a licensed vet, all you need is a properly sized kennel travel cage for your pet, and board early so you can have enough processing time from the Quarantine Department.

  15. Hi Doc,

    Our labrador puppy is 6 week old now (11/20/2012-scheduled 1st shot) but yesterday there’s a small amount of blood on their stool. What should we do? TIA!

    1. Hi Chewy. Sorry for the late response. If your pup has blood in its stool, possiblities for such problem could be hookworm infection, whipworm infection, parvoviral infection, or protozoal infection. Have your pup checked by a vet for a more definitive diagnosis, & proper treatment.

  16. Hi Doc, i tried the Proticall to my dog last weekend in your clinic. Thanks!

    Anyways, i just want to ask what could possibly be the reason that my dog’s poop is wet and slimy and with foul smell. It started last weekend after the 5n1 shot, anti rabbies and deworming, and even until now (already 1week this saturday). Also last weekend, i tried to feed her with dog food for puppies alternate it with the usual food (meat/chicken/fish). Could it be caused by the 5n1 shot, anti rabbies, deworming? or caused by the dog food?

    As for her health, i dont think shes got fever or any signs of illness, just the wet poop…

    thanks doc!

    1. Hi Zandy. Thanks for visiting.
      Immunizations (rabies, DHLPPi, etc.) would have no direct hand for wet foul-odored stools, unless the your pet’s immune system is acutely depressed.
      With a depressed immune system, bacteria and other infectious pathogens, especially those found in the gut, would come to play or wreak havoc.
      It is better to have your pet’s stool checked. The pathogens involved might also be a result of a shift in diet.

  17. Hi doc gerald! Its been awhile, hop u still remember me and my pug duchess. I’m here in cebu for 1 month vacation, but I heard you guys moved so i wanted to ask which branch you are staying at? Lawaan o sambag 1? Id like to sked a visit tomorrow and around what time are u at the office? Please let me know. Im very interested in your promo for microchip, id like to give duchess that. See u again soon doc!

    1. Hi there, miss Marion. Welcome back to Cebu. I’m currently manning the main branch at Sambag I. Our other vet, Dr. Herrera, is at the Talisay branch. For microchipping purposes, this procedure is only performed at the main branch. For proper directions to getting here, you may click this link for the map. Thank you.

  18. Hi Doc! my pup is around 3months old and she has countless ticks and fleas in her body. The growth of the ticks and fleas is so fast. Its just last saturday that we saw the ticks and fleas then right now most of the ticks are almost 5cm in size. Im hesistant to remove the ticks/fleas coz i think she’s irritated or even hurt whenever i remove those parasites in her body. Is there any medication that she need to take to get rid of the tick and fleas? She’s always inside the house so i dont think she got it from other dogs outside.

    1. Hi Zandy. Later this week, we will have a new product, Proticall, for ticks & fleas. It is a very cheap spot-on that is easy to apply. We will notify you once this product is available.

  19. hello! my puppy Shaki got vaccinated and dewormed yesterday. Just this morning she vomited brownish colored stuff. Is that okay? or do we need to have her dewormed again?

  20. Hi Doc!

    We adopted our dog last January. We don’t know how old the dog is but the one who gave him to us said that the dog may be 1-2 yrs old but I doubt it. I think the dog is older than that. Anyways, just weeks ago I noticed some redness in his tummy down to his L back leg and the hair/fur (?) ‘nangatangtang’. And now it has this blister like thing na murag naay water inside. Do you have any idea what’s wrong with our dog?

    1. Hi P. A skin disorder is a complicated thing to handle. What you have described as reddening of the skin is called “erythema.” The falling off of hair is “alopecia,” and the water-filled little swellings are “vesicles.” These are indicators of various disorders that needs a laboratory checkup to get the correct diagnosis. Not all skin disorders get treated by a single injection, such as that of ivermectin. Dogs can have kidney problems that may show skin problems due to high levels of ammonia in the blood. Even dogs with liver problems can have several kinds of integumentary problem, such as the “necrolytic migratory erythema.” It is best that you consult your nearest vet so you can offer your pet a good quality of life.

  21. I’ve been looking for an Avian Veterinarian, but was pretty much unsuccessful at that. I found your site after a while, unfortunately you’re in Cebu and I’m in Metro Manila 🙁 I love to take care of quails as pet, and have been doing that for years. Unfortunately after a couple of years they die of the same symptoms – emaciation, swelling of the nose and sometimes swelling of the left or right side of the face itself (swollen eye), sneezing etc. I’ve been hoping to be able to do something about it.

    It’s unfortunate that we don’t have more Avian vets in our country. Your clinic is only one of few, who handles exotic anmals (by exotic, I believe you mean birds and reptiles?). If so, do keep up the good work. Birds and reptiles need care, too, after all.

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