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  1. Hi doc, until what time mo mag close today?
    Naa koy patient nga ako epa check nimo, bali napa check na xa namo sa mca ang findings kai na tetanus, but dili ko satisfied kai wala niya gi check up iya ra gi mata2x..

  2. hi doc gerald.

    good day. leila is feeling better each day but there are a few ocassions wherein she vomits her food (twice last night) and the food isnt digested well. this morning we continued to give her lactoluse and she was able to defecate but with just small amounts of poop.

    do we need to bring her again to your clinic?


    1. We are very happy to know that Leila is improving, and that her rectal prolapse has not recurred. For the meantime, you may buy Metoclopramide (5mg/5mL 60mL bot) at a local drugstore and give 1 mL orally every 6 hours to control vomiting. If vomiting persists after 24 hours, you may please bring Leila back to the clinic. Thank you.

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