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Rabies Vaccination

We are using a high titer vaccine to ensure safety of your pet from rabies. Although rabies vaccination can be given once every 3 years, we are following the Philippine ordinance of annual rabies immunization.

DHLPPi Vaccination

We are also using another high titer vaccine to protect your pet from distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parvovirus and parainfluenza. Our puppy series requires at least 3 shots for dogs less than 16 weeks of age, and 2 shots for dogs more than 15 weeks of age. We follow it through with a single booster shot at 1 year of age, followed by an interval of 3 years. Our guideline for this practice is the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) Vaccination Guideline 2006.


We are using our own mixture – pyrantel + praziquantel. Our product is cheap, and can eliminate almost all of the worms in dogs and cats. We recommend initial deworming of puppies starting at 2 weeks of age, followed by 2 weeks interval up to 2 months of age. Quarterly deworming is advised for dogs more than 3 months of age.

Heartworm Prevention

We are have our own mixture for the different weight categories. This product is very affordable. We recommend a monthly prevention against heartworm.

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  1. Hello doc. This happened 23 days ago 3weeks already today. But im still worried and paranoid. I just wanted to ask how risky my situation is. My 2 mos puppy licked my hand and i forgot to wash my hand. My eyes got itchy and unknowingly use my finger to ease the itchiness of my left eye (Its already dry tho) but right after that my eyes got prickly and stingy. I scrubed it hard w/o water to ease the pain.. am i at risk of having rabies? Is it too late to have post-exposure? btw my pupp is still healthy and playing a lot , love to eat, no abnormal actions or whatever but im still worried because 1 day after that incident i got headache and colds and im feeling hot and cold but no chills , the 2nd week after that my left arm gets numb,hot and stingy but i can still move it. Now mark 3 weeks im feeling dizzy and my left eye is like “beating, pulsing” and sometimes its watery and prickly but not too much. I already consulted a doctor and the doctor said that if the pup is still alive and healthy. Im safe. I shouldn’t get worried and be peace.. am i really safe? Please .. please.. hear me out. I really need you answer. Thank you and Godbless!

  2. Good Morning, doc! I have a female shih tzu and she’s about 1 month and 3 weeks (almost 2 months) and I would just like to ask: What shots should be given to her? Could she be groomed already? (Her fur is covering her eyes and I’m afraid that this will irritate her) and her right eye has “muta” and it’s becoming sticky, what should I do? Do you offer grooming services in your clinic?

  3. Hi Dr.Gerald. I have Male ShihTzu puppy,2 months old,I notice that everytime his sleeping there’s a sound coming from his mouth. I mean like snoring.And like he’s hard to breath. Is this Normal?? Thanks Doc.

    1. Hi Gracey. Snoring is common to brachycephalic breeds such as the pug. But with your kind of breed of not having a very short snout, this could be a sign of something abnormal such as blockage (tumor, foreign material, etc.). But with the presence of halitosis (bad breath), there is somewhat, but not to a strong degree, of a relation between snoring and a dental problem. Best of all, do have your pet checked by your nearest vet.

  4. hi i have my own pet shih tzu-chow and his 4 months old.. before i bought him he was vaccinated with nematocide and proxantel.. what is the next vaccine he would have? and how much does it cost?

  5. I have a puppy. I am not sure if she is pregnant. I wanted to have her checked. I wanted to know the rates before we visit your clinic. 🙂 Thanks

  6. Hi Doc! I would like to ask regarding my dog condition right now. Last Christmas day, my dog was a little weak. I mean his lack of appetite, always curled up and sleepy when he was inside his cage. I thought he was just feeling cold due to weather change.Then a couple of days later, he’s having a runny nose, watery/teary eyes and slightly dry nose (at the top) for weeks already. And I noticed that below his right ear, it’s wet or has been soak in his water bowl. But every time, I take him out or walk with him, he felts so fine. What do you think is his health condition? I’m doubting that he might be having this allergies on fireworks pollen/powder especially its happening during Christmas-New Years week. Do you think he has a ALLERGY or dogfood allergy? I Googled some of his symptoms and most of the result were Allergies on Pollen or Dogfood Allergy. CAN YOU HELP ME??? By the way I think I have to bring him there in your clinic for his annual vaccination this month. Please Advise me…

    1. Hi Mateo. I’m sorry I read this post a little too late. But how’s Tam-Tam now? Is he still exhibiting a sleepy attitude (lethargy)? Is he still having runny nose & ocular discharges?

  7. Hello Doc. My 1month old Labrador Retrvr has big belly. i feed her with pedigree and he eat well .I think its a BLOAT problem, is their something that you can recommend to me ,Please I need ur help I love my Dog so much Doc . 🙁

    1. Hi Gil. Bloat is usually a medical and surgical situation in veterinary medicine. Together with the distended abdomen are signs such as panting, difficulty in breathing, trying to vomit without producing anything, & weakness. If these accompanying clinical signs are not present, a very big belly in pups is usually an accumulation of fluid, or ascites. These are different situations which need different treatment. It is best you have your pup checked with your nearest vet to determine if it is a bloat, ascites, or just plain fat.

  8. Hi there, I found a stray kitten. He just stumbled into our compound and I’d like to take care of him. He’s somewhere between 4-8 weeks old (I think), mixed breed, and very skinny. I feed him Whiskas wet food for 1 – 6 months old cats. He hasn’t been eating much, which concerns me. I’d like to come by for a visit to get him checked up for everything, but I just want to know what treatments you recommend? Thank you. 🙂

    1. Hi Cheryl. Most sickly stray cats that become adopted as pets usually bring with them internal & external parasites, and sometimes bacterial or viral diseases that are quite very infectious to other cats. It is a good decision that you bring your pet anytime soon for a thorough check up. Regarding treatments we are to administer, we would have to depend on what kind of health problem your pet may be harboring.

  9. Hello Doc. What age should a dog be vaccinated and dewormed? i have a 3 month old dalmatian puppy. 🙂 How much would it cost? 🙂 Thank You!

  10. Hi Doc,

    All of of my cats are patients of yours.

    I’d like to know please if you have a vaccine to keep away manges.

    Cookie Boy got mangey after I had him join us for an out-of-town trip. Now Vanilla is infected as well. Munchkin looks okay, but I don’t want to take any chances.

    I’m seeing patches of skin, some wounds, and loose fur.

    May I know how much it will cost me to have all 3 cats examined and treated?

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Ms. Tracy. We don’t have any vaccine for feline mange. But the medicine we will use to treat it can provide protection for weeks, unlike vaccines which confer protection for more than a year. A vaccine is only for viral or bacterial (bacterin) diseases. Feline mange is an external problem caused by a very small spider-like mite called Notoedres sp. But before we attempt to treat your pets’ skin problem, please allow us to check first if there are other factors involved. For costing estimates, kindly call our receptionist at (032) 418-2021 / 238-3972 for further inquiries.

    1. Hi Jan. Sorry for my very late reply. We don’t have any vaccines to kill lice, but we do have a spot-on (Pfizer Revolution®) that is every effective against fleas & lice, & partially against ticks. You only put 1 drop of the spot-on on the back of your pet’s neck, and protection against the parasites extends up to 4 weeks.
      We have a shampoo (Nova-Green® Permethrin) against lice too, but is quite messy as compared to the spot-on.
      Are you sure it could be a dog louse? A good indication for the presence of a louse is its egg (nit) attached on the hair. Other common skin parasties of dogs to look out are the fleas (“pulgas”) & the ticks (“libon” for females; “karapata” for males).

  11. Hi Doc,

    Went to your clinic last friday with my dog Jackie. Thank you so much for his treatment. His wounds are healing fast and to think its been only a day! His itching is improving too!

  12. Hi…i need your help….my dog is vomiting.and she deficates wet or watery much is you 5n1 vaccination?if ill have my vaccination with you do i still need to be charge for doctors fee?

    1. Hi there, Richard.
      Vaccination is strongly not recommended for pets with disease symptoms such as yours — vomiting & diarrhea.
      We vaccinate only healthy pets with no apparent history of diseases within 7-12 days before visit. No professional fee nor consultation fee is charged at the clinic for vaccination procedures.
      By the way, how old is your pet? Has there been any vaccine or dewormers (anthelmintics) given prior to this blog?
      Do have your pet check and treated by your trusted vet. When all is well, that would be the best time to administer vaccines.

  13. Doc,
    My dog is experiencing repetitive coughing and sometimes he vomits white foam/fluid. He keeps on coughing and hacking non-stop for a whole day and night.
    What is happening to my dog?

    I’m staying in Talisay City and would like some help. I would also like to ask for the charging fee so that we can be prepared. It’s kind of an emergency and your clinic is closed on Sundays. Thank you.

    1. Hi Lemuel. Your pet’s conditions is indeed worrisome.

      For the past few months, three of our most common diagnosis for dogs with chronic coughing were Canine Heartworm Disease (CHD), Lungworm Infection, and Eosinophilic Bronchopneumopathy. Based on the clinical signs you presented, it is difficult to determine which.

      I would strongly encourage you to bring your pet over, or to the nearest vet in your neighborhood, for a proper checkup. I fear that if left untreated for the next few days, his/her condition might become unmanageable.

      Our consultation fee is only P250. But other fees would be involved such as ECG, x-ray, blood chem, etc. May I suggest that you please call our Talisay Branch (032-491-5538) for an initial costing.

      Thank you for your blog. 🙂

  14. also, i cut his nails today and i accidentally cut it incorrectly now its bleeding how can stop the bleeding. theres no pet shop nearby..any alternative home remedies u can advice..and he seem choked and has plegmh but he has no you think he got serious respiratory infection?pls help..thank u

    1. Hi there. So sorry for my very late response. I was unable to read any blog or email this week ‘coz I just had a very long vacation.
      Anyway, if you accidentally cut the wrong portion of your dog’s toenail, you can stop the bleeding by applying styptic (silver nitrate). If you don’t have this item, the bleeding should normally stop within 6 minutes, unless your pet has some sort of bleeding disorder.
      I’m so sorry we can’t offer any house call. It is best that you bring your pet to our nearest branch (Talisay City), or to any vet clinic near you for the checkup. We usually do plenty of lab tests to diagnose a problem.

  15. Hi, i have a Lhaso Poodle dog, i wanted him to be checked thoroughly but we are located at Magdugo, toledo city. Do you do home-service for check ups also for diff vaccination? if yes, how much is your service fee? thanks a lot..

  16. Doc what if our dog won’t eat for almost a week…? What should we do? He seems so weak. He won’t play with us at this time… Is there something wrong with him? We are very worried…

    We need your reply Doc as soon as possible..Thank you! 🙂

    1. When a pet eats a little from his usual feeding amount (lacks appetite), he is inappetent. But when your pet doesn’t eat at all , he is anorectic.
      Inappetent or anorectic, this is a serious condition that needs to be tackled by a veterinarian.
      The only time I encounter dogs that are normally inappetent or anorectic are when they are in heat. Sometimes, it goes overboard and the pets have to be placed on fluids.
      Please go to your nearest vet. But for the meantime, you may rub any solution with high sugar (e.g. honey) on his gums to temporarily provide energy.

  17. Hi doctor, I just had my dog groomed last week and I noticed she started having red rashes or blotches around her body and a rash under her armpit (it stopped bleeding now). I was wondering whats wrong with her and if I need to see a vet right away. A little spot of her hair is beginning to lose hair too. Please reply.

    1. It would be best for you to have your pet checked by your nearest vet. I don’t know if this applies to your situation, but most owners begin to notice rashes & all other skin disorders right after grooming. I supposed because of the trimmed hairs the problem becomes visible, or the groomer themselves tip you what they have just seen. Either way, both situations are beneficial to help your pet get treated. A rash is just one of the symptoms of the numerous different skin disorders known today.

    1. There are many channels why we see blood in our dog’s mouth. It could be coming from the nose (epistaxis) flowing into the mouth, or could be from gums that bleed (gingivitis), or could be from a bloody vomit/puke (hematemesis). There are so many causes (chronic gastritis, hepatic encephalopathy, lepstospirosis, ehrlichiosis, etc.) why your pet exhibit these signs, and it is best that you bring your dog to you nearest vet for a more thorough examination.

  18. Hi there. i just got a puppy the other, a 3 month old doxie-pin (dachshund mixed mini pinscher. A friend gave him to me. We named him Buster. I am planning to visit a vet anytime soon to have him checked. He has not taken anti rabies yet. He had been dewormed once. No other vaccines/immunization.

    I need info ASAP on how much you charge for these services.

    Thanks. Pls contact me thru this email or

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