This is our main line of expertise. We can formulate feed rations for the following species – dog, cat, swine & poultry.

We can also assess the body condition status of your pet by using a mathematically-formulated BODY CONDITION SCORING (BCS) program. Evaluation is not done subjectively. We measure some parts of your pet’s body, and in a jiffy, we can tell if your pet is overweight, underweight or with an ideal weight. We can even point out the correct weight of your pet, percentage body fat, and others.

Feeding your pet table food? There is nothing wrong with this practice at all. You only need to adjust the amount of carbohydrates, protein and fat to meet your pet’s required nutrient requirement. And this is what we do.

For pets with heart problems, kidney failure, and other sickness that needs a nutritional approach, we can help you meet this demand. If you find prescription diets very expensive, come to us and we can utilize your food resources to fit your pet’s needs.

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    1. You may please visit the clinic for nutrition consultations. We attend to patients on case-to-case basis. Please understand that we cannot present to you all our serivces at once, but only options that are needed by your pet at the time of your visit.

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