Dental care among pets is not yet popular in the Philippines. We are sufficiently equipped for this kind of service, and we are using an ultrasonic scaler to flush away the plaques from your pet’s teeth.

However, pet owners need to know that for any dental procedure involving pets, general anesthesia is advised. Being an uncooperative bunch, we need to have them relaxed so we can work through with the cleaning, and sometimes, in removing decayed teeth.

Pets got temporary teeth too. If your puppy has a complete set of temporary teeth, your pet must be about 7 weeks old. For kittens, complete eruption of temporary teeth occurs at about 6 weeks of age.

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      1. I just bought a ShiPoo puppy. She just turned 2mos. last 01/10/2012. What are the needed vaccines for her since she is still a baby. Thanks

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